Many people use their iPads as portable cameras. It can take great photos if you know what your doing, so let's get started. (Keep in mind that iPhones and iPods May have a different setup or may not have similar features.)

Firstly you can find the 'Camera' application on the home screen, or you could use the shortcut on the Lock Screen at the bottom Right hand corner. Just tapping the lock screen shortcut won't work, you must pull the icon like you were opening the iPad normally, except you must swipe up instead of swiping left to right.

While in camera you can take photos with the grey circular button, at the middle side on an iPad (keep in mind that placement is different on smaller Apple devices). But many may notice tapping the front of the iPad could put the photo out of focus, and make the photo fuzzy, so the volume control works as the capture button in the app, even the ones attached to the Apple Earbuds usually packaged with the iPad

For different types of capture,there is a small list of items on the lower right side with the options; Video, Photo, and Square with photo being the default option when first opened. The Square option is simply a square picture.
Video is self explanatory, being a video capture option. To take a video, turn the option to Video and touch the grey button that has turned into a red button. After the first tap it turns into a rounded square to show that it is recording, and tapping it again will end the recording

If the focal point of your video or photo seems a little fuzzy and another object to clear, tapping the area you wish to be the main part will put the item into focus and the rest will be put into an appropriate resolution.
Most iPads have two cameras, one on the front and anther on the back. Swapping between the two is simply hitting the camera icon in the top right hand corner with the circle and arrows will change the camera from the none currently in use to the other one. It is also possible to take a photo of what is on the screen by pressing both the home button and power button at the same time.

Finally after taking a handful of photos or videos you can quickly access them through either the 'Camera Roll' application on the home screen or tapping the most recent photo taken in the square in the bottom right hand corner will take you directly to the 'Camera Roll' (doing this from the lock screen camera will only allow access from the photos taken in that session of the camera). From here it is possible to delete unwanted photos with the trash an icon at the bottom right hand corner, and a preliminary message about deleting being permanent will appear

Once in the 'Camera Roll' different tools and filters can be applied to the photo to make it what you need. Start by tapping the option 'Edit' on the top tool bar which will take you to the Editing options. The first option will simply rotating the photo 90 degrees counter clockwise, which can be stacked to make it upside down or sideways in the opposite direction. The second option 'Enhance' will make the colours stronger and brighter in to photo. The third option is called 'Filters which will take you to a sub-toolbar with all the different filtering options. The fourth option 'Red-Eye' which fixes any red eyes in the photo. The last option is called crop which will allow you to resize the photo change the dimensions(There are no video editing options in the camera roll)

Finally the Camera Roll is compatible with the airdrop features of the iPad and is able to airdrop photos and videos to other iDevices nearby or they can be saved to external features like 'Drop Box' or 'Google Drive'