Welcome to Our iCoach Class Wiki Page

Welcome to our Wiki site aimed at promoting iPads in our school in Perth, Ontario. These pages are created by Grade 11 and 12 student leaders enrolled in the IDCU 4U1 "iCoach" class taught by Mr. Elijah Funston at Perth and District Collegiate Institute. Students work closely with Grade 9 teachers to integrate technology in the classroom and support support students learning on the iPads.

Feel free to browse the pages here. We also encourage you to take a look at the Sample Work page for examples of student work this semester. (If you like the image lettering, then just visit Spell with FlickR and type your text.)

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iCoaches 5.0 (Semester 1: 2017-2018)

icoach class 2017-18.jpg
Back Row: Mr. Funston, Sarah Croth, Lauren Miller, David Machan, Joey Marr, Owen Bout, Cameron Baker, Matt McNamees, Callum Anderson, Lauren MacKenzie, Hannah Larmon-Code Front Row: Bronwyn Roberts, Addie Birch, Elizabeth Code, Ishika Patel, Nadine Drouin, Amy Keho, Campbell Strachan, Jasper Nault

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iCoaches 4.0 (Semester 1: 2016-2017)
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iCoaches 3.0 (Semester 1: 2015-2016)
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Left to Right: Kara Cameron, Samuel Van Noppen, Paul Desjardine, Seth Johnson, Jared Hardy, Korry Brankin, Samantha White, Lilli Strong, Phillipa MacDonald, Erica Koeslag, Zachary Bingley, Kelsey Dold, Becca Fowler (selfie queen) and Mr. Elijah Funston

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iCoaches 2.0 (Semester 2: 2014-2015)
iCoaches selfie smile.jpg
Back Row: Grace Herron Krissilas, Elizabeth Dunn, Robin Brownlee, Maddie Fyfe, Mr. Eli Funston Samuel Kim --- Front Row: Kristy Patel, Anique Baillon, Emily Toop, Emily Richardson, Michaela Hardy

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iCoaches 1.0 (Semester 1: 2014-2015)
P PDCI iPad class.jpg
Back Row: Principal Mr. John Gow, Jonah Goodyear, Teacher Mr. Eli Funston, Kieran Roberts, and Vice-Principal Mrs. Nancy Holman Front Row: Sarah Teflissi, Larissa Churchill, Emily Canie, Tessa Bowes, Abby Brandon and Jayda Wood

Our Links:

Prezi (May 2014 - Prezi developed to initiate program)

(April 2015 - Prezi used for "Re-Charge Your Class!" Conference --- Sample projects shown and discussed by teachers)

(Video Interview - "Mobile Organization" Conference)

(Video Explanation of our Program)

YouTube Channel: PDCI Videos(iCoach Created promotion videos for PDCI)
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Instructables.com(On-line instructions)
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Check out our design for an iPad tote and charging boxes at Instructables.

Emily Richardson, iCoach student shows off Mr. Greg Truelove's iPad tote and charge design --- critical equipment for Mr. Funston's program.

Conference: "Co-Coding to Learn"January 17, 2018
co-coding to learn web page.jpeg

Conference: "Technology Backing Literacy & Numeracy"January 17, 2017

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Conference: "Mobile Conference"January 20, 2016
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Conference: "Re-Charge Your Class"April 27, 2015

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Conference: "iCoach & You Can Too"January 7, 2015

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Co-op Education Student:
Emily Richardson

PDCI - Omya Reclamation Survey Project

Check the Blog on Esri Canada's web site for more information about PDCI's iCoach/GeoVenture and Omya Canada project.


innovation award opening.jpeg

Mr. Funston shares his thoughts about being recognized by the Upper Canada District School Board after receiving a Trustee Innovation Award.

Press Stories

New learning becomes more online at PDCI

PDCI’s iPad Posse students teach the teachers the new tech talk

Two Perth area teachers win UCDSB Trustee Innovation Awards

Students use mapping technology to learn about a mining company in their community