How to Create a Padlet Account

Step 1- Go to the internet
Step 2- Google Padlet
Step 3- Click on the Padlet link
Step 4- Select "sign up" at the bottom of the page
Step 5- Enter email and password and select sign up
Step 6- Enter your name
Step 7- If you would like to you can customize your profile

How to make a Padlet

-Select the button "create a Padlet"
-From there you are free to begin
-To make a post double tap anywhere on the page
-On the right hand side of the page there are several icons
- The origami swan will take you to your dashboard
- The plus symbol will create a new page
- The little human will show you all of your Padlet pages
- The arrow in the box will give you many options on how to share your Padlet
- The "i" button will show you the information on the current Padlet
- The "?" symbol will give help if you get lost
- The gear gives many options
You can add the title and description
Add a wallpaper
Change the layout
Make your Padlet private or public
Change the URL
Make copies of the Padlet
Delete the Padlet