When you open up the camera app, on the right hand side you will all of the techniques or types of video/photos that you can take.
  1. At the top right of your screen, you will see a camera 📷, this will allow you to use your front facing camera or your rear facing camera.
  2. The small clock, below the camera, is a timer. ⏰ If you click this button it will give you an option from 1-10 second delay on your photo. This feature is useful if you want to take a family photo and you don't have someone to take a picture. If you place the camera where you want the picture to be taken from, and then press the white circle, it will begin the timer.
  3. The HDR button underneath the timer stands for high dynamic range. Which may help you take a photo with more definition, making it look more real.
  4. If you press the white circle it will take a picture or start a video depending on what setting you are in. You can also press the top volume button on the side of your iPad, which will also take a picture. 😃
Below the white circle is the options you have for the camera, click on the setting you would like depending on whether you are taking a video or picture, and what you are taking a picture of. (time-lapse, video, photo, and square)image.jpg

  • Time-lapse: a progression of photos are taken and are saved as a video and played at a faster speed.
  • Video: takes a video.
  • Photo: takes a regular sized picture.
  • Square: takes a photo as a square instead of as a regular size.
Below the 4 camera options, at the bottom right of your screen, will be a small square that reveals the most recent photo you've taken, on the example above is a picture of a bear. If you click on this it will bring you to your camera roll where you can see the photos you've just taken.
photo editing2.jpg
Crop, Filters, Enhancements (colour, black and white, and brightness)


From here you can do many things including:
- airdrop your photo(s)
- send you photo(s) through message, email, twitter, facebook etc.
- copy
- start a slideshow
- assign the photo to one of your contacts
- make this photo your wallpaper