Book Creator is a handy app for inside and outside of the classroom. You can create your own book in different dimensions and colours. You can also add text, your own drawings, images, videos, and sound. Once your book is complete, you can even share it! This includes saving your final product to the camera roll, printing it, and opening it in various other apps. This quick intro will show you the basics:
Once you are in the app Book Creator, the page you will see will look roughly like this. to create a new book you will need to tap "New Book" on the top left of the screen. On already existing books you may change the name of the book and the author by simply tapping the current name and or author.
After tapping on "New Book" you will then arrive to this page. Here, you may choose the book shape that you would like for your book. Depending on what your using you book for, the different shapes are helpful. Choose your shape by tapping on either portrait, square or landscape.
To begin adding things to the cover of your book, tap the plus sign which is located on the top right side of the screen. In this function you may add pictures from your camera roll, or pictures which you would take from your camera that moment. As well as photos, you may also draw with the pen, add text for a title or add sound.
As you can see here, I added a photo from my camera roll, a simple drawing and text. These are probably the most common things to be found in a book. The last thing I added was the drawing. If i had made a mistake you can simply tap the "Undo" icon on the top left of the screen.
In this screen shot, you can see that I have highlighted my text, because it has a blue box around it. After highlighting anything you've added, you may edit it by tapping the circled "i", on the top right high side of the screen= because the text is highlighted, it allows me to change the size, the front, the colour, the alignment and so on. Also it allows me to delete all of the highlighted text. You may use this function to edit anyhthing that you have highlighted, which includes your picture, as well as your drawing in pen.
When you have highlighted nothing on your page and you tap the circled "i", you will oly have the ability to edit the page. Here is where you may chnage the colour fot he page that you are on. To change more than one page, you must be on the page you'd like changed. You may tap "Pages" on the top left of the screen to switch between pages of your book.
Finally once you have finished your book you may chose between various saving and sharing options. By tapping on the furtherest icon on the right hand side is where you can access them. You may export your finished book to iBooks, which will allow you to read it like a real book and it will be situated in your book library. Also, by tapping the following option, "open in pdf reader" you may send this book to somebody who does not have the ability to see it in iBooks. This could be helpful if a student were making a project on Book Creator and their teacher did not have the ability to view it as it would be in iBooks, possibly because of a windows computer. Finally, the last saving option is saving it to Dropbox. If making a book in book creator was an assignment for students and they did not finish their book by the end of the poeriod, saving it to an existing Dropbox account would give them the ability to open the book again and continue working on it.