The first awesome feature of Apple TV is its simplicity, it is a small but powerful tool that is very easy to setup and to use. The Apple TV is very compact which is great when moving it, using it, or storing it in the classroom when not being used. Another cool feature with the Apple TV is that you have the choice of using two different means of controlling your it, one being the remote which comes with you Apple TV and the other being the Remote app which you can download from the App Store. This app allows you to control your Apple TV right from your device (all apple devices except for Macs are compatible). It all comes down to your personal preference on which remote to use.

The App icon of the Remote App, which can be found in the App Store.

As seen in the picture above the Apple TV is very portable as it can fit in the palm of your hand. The box in which the Apple TV comes in is not much bigger than a Rubik's cube allowing for easy transportation.

Setup: In order to setup your Apple TV you must first plug in the power cord from the TV into a nearby outlet, then simply plug in the HDMI cable into the projector, HDTV or any other means of projecting. It really is as simple as that.
Connecting: Once your Apple TV has been setup, turn the Bluetooth feature of your device on and your Apple TV will automatically receive your account settings and home network using your Wifi.


One feature of the Apple TV is mirroring. This feature allows you to project the screen of your Apple device, whether it be a Mac, an iPod, an iPhone, or iPad. This is great for tutorials, everyday class lessons and presentations.

Above: An illustration of how an Apple TV works alongside an iPad and HDTV or projector.

Another similar feature of the Apple TV is AirPlay which allows you to stream content right from your device whether it be photos, videos, etc.this could be used for several things; including presentations, assignments (video creation,etc.), brainstorming activities, and other classroom lessons. After using iMovie to create a project, iMovie Theatre automatically makes the project available to be watched from an Apple TV without having to send it before watching it.

Appletv components.jpg
Above: All the components that come with the Apple TV; this includes the power cord, remote, and the Apple TV itself.
The Apple TV alongside the remote which comes with it.

Above: Apple TV in packaging