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iCoach 2.0 - We know Tech ... and we're Fun too!

iCoach is alive again in semester at PDCI with a new group of dynamic technology leaders. The grade 11 and 12 P&DCI students eagerly offer their PDCI teachers and their former teachers from the Perth Family of Schools a dozen opportunities to learn about iPads and technology in education during April and May on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30 to 3:30. Questions - send your enquiries to Mr. Funston at:

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iPad Setting & Apple TV

Learn how to manipulate the iPad settings to suit all of your wants and needs. For example, use “Guided Access” for students with attention challenges, turn on “Restrictions” for app management and content control, alter “Accessibility” settings for special education (hearing, vision, motor control, voice to text…). This is an overview of all settings and controls, that will help you customize your iPad to the way you need it.

Saving & Sharing

iPads are great, but how are you going to collect student work? Discover and enhance your ability to save various work inside and outside the classroom - a detailed look at app to app "Mashing" and sharing with Airdrop, using Mail with Airwatch as well as saving to cloud storage like Dropbox and Google Drive.

Explain Everything

Explain Everything - our favourite education app. It does what is says in the name - lets students explain everything on their iPad. Explain Everything is essentially a never-ending white board where students cand place all of their ideas as images, text, diagrams, audio, and video. Come learn how it can spice up your classroom assignments.

iMovie & Youtube

Have you been searching for a user friendly video editing app? Learn about the portable video editing app called iMovie. iMovie allows students to quickly edit and produce great videos within minutes. Take your videos to a broader audience and share student work through YouTube.


Learn about the educational "all-in-one" presentation and polling application that is changing the classroom. Nearpod is a diverse, intriguing app that can be used on both iPads, tablets and PCs. Using this tool you can create interactive presentations, tests, quizzes, polls, videos, and much more. The workshop covers using pre-made Nearpod presentations and a hands-on look at creating your own Nearpods.

Puppet Pals/Adobe Voice/Comic Life

Bringing new and fun ways to communicate to the class. We will take a look into fun presentation apps such as Puppet Pals, Adobe Voice and Comic Life. These apps have the power to increase participation in presentations.

Web 2.0

Whether you want to optimize your classroom or just incorporate technology into your teaching to make things more interesting, this is the workshop for you. Learn about different Web 2.0 sites (ie. Edublogs, Edmodo, Padlet, Thinklink ...) that allows you to collaborate and communicate with others while you learn.

Camera Functions

Many people use their iPads as portable cameras. It can take great photos if you know what you're doing. Learn about the built-in iPad camera functions that make this a tool for high grade photography. Become a social media star and add your great photos to sites like Flickr.

Presentation Options

Quick and easy - yet powerful presentations on mobile devices. Presentations are cross-curricular and we have the Apps to make life easier for your students in all their classes. Keynote, iThoughts, Prezi, Haiku deck, Timeline 3D are featured in this workshop.

Pages, Book Creator, iBooks

Looking for a way to read, write, and be creative? Transform boring class projects into interactive and interesting ones with Book Creator. Gather and organize information quickly in the Pages App. Download and read whatever book electronically you would like using Apple’s iBooks.

QR Codes, AR Codes & Aurasma

Want to see a dinosaur in real life or see a shuttle take off before your eyes? Then you may want to use AR, QR, or Aurasma in the classroom. These apps use triggers as codes to access internet information (3D objects, web sites, videos, etc.) with astonishing results. Come see how you can use pre-made resources and make your own too.

GreenScreen by DoInk

The GreenScreen workshop will teach you how to insert yourself into almost any situation your mind can conjure using only your iPad, a green coloured wall or sheet, and your creativity. We will teach you how to use the app "GreenScreen" by DoInk, which allows you to create movies of you and people you know in hundreds of situations with a simple movie technique known as a Green Screen.